Taylor's Universe - Across the Universe : An Introduction to Taylor's Universe

"Time has now lead us to no less than release no. 15 by highly praised Danish progressive jazz-rock project Taylor's Universe; this time looking back a bit...

This is a compilation - but NOT an album of previously released material, since this special album features a collection of reworked versions of some of composer/multi-musician and sound manipulator Robin C Taylor's favourite tracks from recent years - as said, reworked with the purpose of making the material sound closer to the author's original intentions!

It's never too late for improvements, and this album de luxe is meant to be THE ultimate album to start with for curious listeners, who've never had the chance to explore, what Taylor's Universe has to offer. (Regular fans of the group, will - assumingly also consider the album worth adding to their collections, as it contains quite a lot of new and fresh ideas!)
Adventurous music for the 'picky' listener!"
Taylor's Universe 2015 line-up:
Robin C Taylor - guitars, vintage keyboards, basses, percussion et al.
Jakob Mygind - saxophones
John Sund - guitar
Thomas Thor Viderø Ulstrup - synthesizer
Frank Carvalho - guitar, additional synthesizer
Klaus Thrane - drums
Jan Fischer - voice
Louise Nipper - voice
  • LabelMarvel of Beauty
  • UPC5707471042748
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