Taylor's Universe - Almost Perfected

Robin C Taylor - Textural guitars, various keys and basses, percussion, voice, etc.
John Sund - Various guitars (leads, moods and stunts), add. bass (track 3)
Jakob Mygind - Soprana, alto & tenor sax
Thomas TV Ulstrup - Minimoog stunts
Rasmus Grosell - Drums (mainly left)
Klaus Thrane - Drums (mainly right side)

"There was a time many years ago, when Jazz-Rock was a new, vibrant and exciting musical form and north European countries provided some of the leading talents of the genre. It’s perhaps no big surprise then, to stumble on Danish multi instrumentalist, composer, arranger and band leader Robin Taylor. What is doubly pleasing is to discover, that he’s managed to bottle the jazz-rock genie, and imbued it with a progressive feel as part of his own ambitious Taylor’s Universe.
Formed in 1993 Taylor’s Universe explore an adventurous musical landscape full of the joys of layered sounds, in a prog-rock tinged jazz-fusion environment. It was never meant to be anything but a studio project (Robin regard the recording studio as his main 'instrument'), and the 'group' has through time included many leading figures from the Danish rock and jazz scene, as the music operates on a very high artistic level, which has caused massive enthusiasm and praise in the international media.
Robin Taylor is also a record label owning pioneer for a style of music, that reaches back to the artistic freedom of the early 70’s - in its search for TRUE progressive rock. He also claims to be musically unschooled, perhaps explaining his finely layered and intuitively honed aural landscape, full of shifting time signatures and interwoven sounds. His music is born with an improvisational heart, where feel and creativity beats with a passion."
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