Tchicai, John - Afrodisiaca CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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Reissue of a very rare MPS album that came out in 1969 and that I had never seen until now. John leads a 25 piece band and also in the band is Willem Breuker, Pierre Doerge, and many others.

"Few people outside the record business have an idea how difficult it is to produce records which are not likely to sell thousands and thousands of copies. This record – or at least a record featuring the music of John Tchicai – was first conceived when John came back from New York to his native Denmark in 1966 and when I heard him at Norway’s Molde Festival with his great group ”Cadentia Nova Danica”. It took three years to make our ideas possible – and even then, without the help of Den Danske Jazzkreds (Danish Jazz Acade- my, Copenhagen) and Birger Joergensen, this record never could have happened. So, many thanks go to Birger and to that beautiful institu- tion the Danish so modestly call ”Jazzkreds” (= Jazz Circle). It is my opinion that, in Tchicai, Europe has a European-born black musician whose standard is equal to the great American innovators of the New Jazz. But John didn’t grow up in Harlem or in the South of USA. He lived – and still lives – in friendly Copenhagen – and his music is full of warmth and love as too few other sounds around."-Joachim Ernst Berendt

"I felt very enthusiastic about this opportunity to record Cadentia Nova Danica because during that time in Denmark an offer like this one, from Joachim Ernst Berendt and MPS, didn‘t happen every day. Although we did many concerts and radioprograms they were mostly limited to Denmark and to have a foreign label ask us to record was wonderful. We had a large repertoire and at the recording we could try out new ideas and invite other improvisers that normally didn‘t belong to the CND. Looking back, time has shown that this recording proved to be an important one which, in the field of modern com- posed and improvised music for a large ensemble, can be compared to Coltrane’s ’Ascension’."-John Tchicai, May 2008

"This music gets way way out and has the real ability to take you „there”. The echo effect on some of this shit is quite ill in a very analog way. And the way the shit gets that dirty-needled distortion at the end of side one (all 25 cats GOING AT IT!) is beautiful, baby, BEAUTIFUL!!"-Thurston Moore
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