Technical Space Composer’s Crew / Holger Czukay - Canaxis 5 CD

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Legendary, NWW name-checked, 1968 tape assemblage by Holger Czukay and Rolf Dammers.

“Holger Czukay, before his famous work in Can, was disciple of Karlhein Stochausen. He learned a lot about electronic and concrete music and tape manipulation. His first album, "Canaxis" predates almost every experiment with world music: from Popol Vuh to Brian Eno, from Steve Roach to SPK. Holger created tape loops with found voices and sounds (coming from Vietnam, China and Japan generally). "Canaxis" uses modern Western techniques and Eastern spiritual power. When the electronics turns on it sounds almost like ambient, other times this is classical or ethnic music. And Czukay is one of the first musicians who used sampling (with White Noise). Still fresh, still natural and great. Pure musical artifact.”

“...this album consists of a pair of abstract, though emotionally powerful and atmospherically immersive, side-long collages of mostly oriental traditional sounds (though there are some fragments of western choral music in there), warped vocals, and hallucinogenic synthesised electronics. it still sounds incredibly fresh, and peerless - the only comparison i can make is to the output of cyclobe, sharing a similar ultra-trippy combination of the electronic and the organic, with an uncategorisable heavy mood which often threatening to spill over into darkness.”-rateyourmusic
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