Telectu - Belzebu vinyl lp + CD (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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“Includes CD with abandoned first version of "Belzebu", titled "Belzebu 0", remastered from original cassette tape.”

"Amazing proto-Drexciyan synths and alien electronics from Portugal, 1983… Don't miss this!!!” —Boomkat

"An expanded edition of Telectu’s freakishly immersive 1983 LP, ’Belzebu’; a 40min suite of sweltering, proto-Drexciyan synths, lilting Afro influences and subaquatic rhythms unavailable on any format since the original release, which now trades for triple figures in the second hand market.
Viewed from any angle, ‘Belzebu’ is an iridescent oddity in its field, and was certainly among the first of its ilk within the Portuguese music scene. It was the product of experiments by multi-instrumentalist and music writer Jorge Lima Barreto (JLB), and the co-founder of pop-rock band GNR, Vitor Rua (VR), whose shared interests dovetailed into a mutual fascination with unorthodox, improvised and electronic sounds, leading to these remarkable, home recorded conclusions in 1983.
There’s a genuine genius at work in this record which is bound to enthrall and absorb listeners from myriad perspectives. Everyone from Jamal Moss fiends to Drexciyan divers and Craig Leon fans need to spend some time with this beautiful oddity...”
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