Telegraph - Mir

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Avi Barak: Drums and Flute
Liran Herrnstadt: Bass and Vocalist
Eze Sakson: Organ, Mini Moog, Electric Piano, Piano, Mellotron
Tal Rubinstein: Electric, Acoustic, 12 strings guitars and vocals

Recorded at Jeppeto studios, July 2017. Mix and Mastering: Udi Koomran.
Very good, mostly instrumental, very 70s-style retro-prog, with strong musical ties to Camel but I also heard some echoes of Caravan.
This is very well played and it feels like more than the sum of its parts!
It’s sort of a concept album about Sergei Krikalev, a cosmonaut who had to stay significantly longer than was original planned at the Soviet space station, after the collapse of the USSR!
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  • UPC608614327270
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