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This excellent Brazilian release was described to me as "the Brazilian Gentle Giant", which led me a little bit astray the first time I popped it in, as I was expecting 4 part vocals. They don't do that, but there is a lot of musical busy-ness and activity, counterpoint and interlocking parts, which are reminscent of Giant a little bit.
But, I think what my friend was trying to convey to me was the high level of musicianship and intricacy, which is something that they DO share with GG. And sometimes, what with the types of keyboards used, it actually does sound a little like GG, especially on the track Agua Que Corre.
Keyboards, guitar/vocals, bass, drums & vocal. Anyway, for my weirdo tastes, this is definitely one of the very best Brazilian progressive albums I've heard.
Issued on vinyl for the first time since it’s original release in 1976!

“The band Terreno Baldio was born in 1974, when they got together in a group with the purpose of making progressive rock. Roberto Lazzarini was already playing with João Kurk and Joaquim in the Ilanders group, a dance band; Mozart Mello and João Ascensão joined there, having met on the recordings of Pete Dunaway's album.
Everyone knew and liked King Crimson, Gentle Giant, and Yes, wanting to make a more worked sound as a group, thus creating Terreno Baldio. Terreno Baldio's music has always had a progressive feel, which was unusual for the standards of the time, characteristic for being well-crafted harmonically and musically, rhythmically, which is the mark of the prog feel. Terreno Baldio is hailed as one of the leading progressive rock bands from the seventies in Brazil, from its surrealistic album art to its equally interesting music. The homonymous work Terreno Baldio, released in 1976, was an active part of a whole scenario of youth suffering from strong political repression, representing in the song "Grite" (Scream) the desire of all Brazilian society that yearned to express its voice with freedom, being an impressive moment of collective catharsis in their live performances.”
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