Thank You Scientist - Terraformer 2 x CDs

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A great album from a great band. They play memorable, hook-filled vocal tunes that will fool you into thinking that what they do is easy...believe me, it ain’t. And go see them live, where it all comes together in a spectacularly fun presentation!

“Thank You Scientist is an eclectic, vibrant and well-hydrated progressive rock band from New Jersey. Their fourth release, Terraformer, sees the septet at their most ambitious and most unpredictable. The band has taken their experimental, genre-bending sound to the next level by delivering an extremely ambitious and constantly stimulating 84-minutes of experimental rock and roll music.
Founded by guitarist and bandleader Tom Monda, the In addition to Tom Monda and vocalist Salvatore Marrano, the bandʼs lineup has gradually evolved to include violinist Ben Karas, bassist Cody McCorry, drummer Joe Fadem, trumpeter Joe Gullace and saxophonist Sam Greenfield.”

“I'm longtime Thank You Scientist (TYS)fan and am totally pleased with this album. It's longer than any of their other albums and I'd definitely say more progressive. The musicianship of each member of the band is on full display throughout the album.
If you've listened to TYS before, you will find more of the great fusion of genres here that were present on their previous releases. In my mind, this album keeps following the natural progression they've shown from the start but they have a knack for retaining their signature sound. There are a few instrumental tracks on the album ("Chromology" is a standout!) and a few I'd consider transitional but still excellent ("Wrinkle", "Shatner's Lament", "New Moon", the latter adopting an Oriental-style sound which really works quite awesome in my opinion).”
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