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Their first new one in almost 5 years, and another winner! Warmly recommended for progressive rock fans.

“Based in England and Sweden, Thieves’ Kitchen have been creating progressive, alternative and imaginative rock music for over 20 years.
The creative core of Thieves’ Kitchen is guitarist Phil Mercy, keyboardist Thomas Johnson (ex-Änglagard) and vocalist Amy Darby. For the first time in the band’s two-decade history, the lineup remains unchanged and once more features the exquisite drumming of Paul Mallyon (ex-Sanguine Hum) in tandem with the bass mastery of Johan Brand (Ängalgard, All Traps On Earth). The album is accentuated by the gorgeous flute-playing of Anna Holmgren (¨Anglagard).
Thieves’ Kitchen has changed quite a bit over the years to today’s glorious and adventurous mix of Canterbury prog quirks, Gentle Giant-esque intricacy and emotionally engaging singer-songwriter influences. However the desire to find beauty in complexity, and to challenge themselves as composers and performers remains constant!”
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