Thieves Kitchen - The Clockwork Universe

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Absolutely TOP DRAWER British progressive rock with fine singing AND fine playing that is about 60% Canterbury-stylings and about 40% symphonic rock stylings.

They've released a number of albums, but their last few have been something towards magnificently good and this continues that happy trend!

The band is a trio with guests:
Amy Darby-vocals
Phil Mercy-guitar
Thomas Johnson-keyboards
Thomas was formerly with Anglagard as keyboardist and to fill out the band, he's helped them to enlist two current Anglagard members:
Anna Holmgren-reeds
Johan Brand-bass
and from Sanguine Hum
Paul Mallyon-drums

That's some serious pedigrees of talent and this is some seriously great progressive/Canterburyian stuff. Take a gander to the clip and you'll agree, I am certain. Hugely recommended!

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