Third Ear Band - Alchemy / Third Ear Band (aka Elements) (remastered) 2 x CDs

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Really good to see these two albums back in print again! The Third Ear Band were a late 60's/mid 70's quartet who were fixtures at ALL the festivals & who used hand drums, oboe, violin/viola & cello to make a mostly improvised, dark, pagan & medieval-influenced, acoustic music that sounded like no one but themselves. The only thing that comes close to their sound is some small bits of the early Univers Zero records. They called themselves "electric acid raga music", and that's a fine description. This is a newly remastered reisue of their classic first and second albums (they only had 3 albums originally, before their reformation). Definitely on the oddball side of things, I suppose, but I loved them and I still do. So...highly original and highly recommended!

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