Third Ear Band - New Forecasts From The Third Ear Almanac (Mega Blowout Sale)

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The Third Ear Band were a late 60's/mid 70's quartet who were fixtures at ALL the festivals & who used hand drums, oboe, violin/viola & cello to make a dark, pagan & medieval-influenced, acoustic music. The only thing that comes close to their sound is some small bits of the early Univers Zero records.

In 1988, the band reformed and performed a few tours for a few years. This show was originally released as a cassette only release and is live in Sarzana, Italy on January 11, 1989. This release and their reformation was an amazing return to good form 20 years later.
The musicians here are:
Glen Sweeney-hand drums
Lyn Dobson-flute, alto saxophone
Mick Carter-guitar
Ursula Smith-violin
With good notes by TEB expert and band archivist Luca Ferrari.
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