Third Ear Band / Roberto Musci - Mosaic (Mega Blowout Sale)

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I'm sure that some of you remember Roberto Musci, who, along with Giovanni Venosta, released a few charming, electronic filled albums on ReR. Read on for what this album is:

"The way of improvisation and composition that Third Ear band generates is a unique music; a music that wrap and alienate you. The use of modal improvisations, with pentatonic and eptatonic scales derived from Arabian and Indian music culture, the mixing of particular timbre, the use of percussive rhythms with a metric dilatation, that ancestral call to the ritual music (from the ancient Egypt to the Druids). It’s a strange sensation, but listening to their music it seems that sounds are stratificating on different levels and the listener loses the cognition of time.
The lure to recreate that old music atmospheres for letting them live is still great in me. Basically the project was inspired by John Oswald’s work who coined the expression “Plunderphonics” (Plunderphonics : taking one or more existing audio recordings and altering them in some way to make a new composition). His work on Michael Jackson repertoire (with related legal case, i.e the cover: Michael Jackson’s head on a female body...) was really clamorous. The idea was to record a tribute to the Third Ear Band just using their original music for recreating that musical poetic and the sensations they gave to me, playing the right instrumentsand looking for that pictures linked to their specific iconography (ancient Egypt, Alchemy, Druids...)"-Roberto Musci

"As a long time Fan of the Third Ear Band I am always hoping for some new music from the band, and when this as described 'tribute' album cam up I was intrigued, so in for a penny etc..
What we get instead is a tribute with a difference - a re-imagination of the music of the Third Ear Band using the music of the third ear band. Roberto Musci has taken the 'plunder-phonics' approach and taken bits of music re-arranged reshaped and generally re-jigged things and has come up with an album that does not sound like the mess it could be but retains the essence of the Third Ear band while tearing apart songs and reshaping them, 'Druid One', 'Fleance' & 'Ghetto Raga' sounding very different despite the original building blocks. Its like a new album but sound like an old album; I like it..."
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