Thirsty Moon - Lunar Orbit: Live at Stagge's Hotel 1976

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This is a surprisingly good sounding (but still of quite good bootleg quality only) document of Thirsty Moon late in their life. At this point, they were playing a rather jazz/rock influenced progressive and I totally enjoyed this disc and krautrock or Thirsty Moon fans, will too, as long as you have realistic expectations of the sound quality.

"Thirsty Moon was a band from Bremen, which was founded by the brothers, Jürgen and Norbert Drogies 1971. Willi Pape, saxophonist of the first line-up, gave the group its name, which was sometimes wrongly understood as "Moon Monday". Willi worked for an advertising agency that had a brewery in Bremen as a customer, which produced an export beer called Thirsty Moon. 1972 the band signed a contract with the record company Metronome, who had just founded the label "brain". After two highly acclaimed LPs the band split. Jürgen and Norbert Drogies in 1974 recorded on an instrumental album that was later published in 1976 under Thirsty Moon by Brain. By 1976, at the show at Stagge's Hotel a completely different cast had assembled. Rainer Neumann has been the saxophonist in the band, Serge Weber played electric piano and clavinet, Junior Weerasinghe had taken over the drums from Norbert Drogies who now played the bass. Jürgen Drogies played guitar and was responsible for announcements, occasional vocals and tape recordings . He had recorded synthesizer sounds and natural sounds on tape, which were added in some parts of the show. The band played a lot live in this time and impressed critics and audiences with the rock music, "influenced by newer forms of jazz, forms of collective improvisation"(South-West Funk). After the release of the fourth album" Starchaser " recorded on Sky Records in 1981 the popular band split.

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