Thirsty Moon - Thirsty Moon

First-ever legitimate reissue from mastertapes of Thirsty Moon's first album, originally released on Brain in 1972.
"Always essentially the project of the Drogies brothers, Thirsty Moon came into being in September 1971 as the amalgamation of D.R.P. (Drogies Rock Project) and Shakespears (apparently a jazz-soul band), resulting in a very big group (seven to eight members) performing complex rock that used unusual jazz structures as its base. Obviously influenced by the likes of Colosseum, the Chicago brass-rock scene and earlier German bands like Xhol and Organisation, Thirsty Moon created a music with great dynamics, use of heavy and spacious structures, unconventional songs and arrangements, and above all amazing musicianship. Both their debut and, the curiously titled, You'll Never Come Back offer some of the finest Krautrock. Both tripping out with percussively intensive Krautrock tripping, bizarre songs, and ventures into the cosmos, beyond jazz-fusion, beyond everything. N=Norbert Drogies (drums, percussion), Michael Kobs (electric piano), Erwin Noack (congas, percussion), Willi Pape (soprano/tenor saxes, clarinet, flute, percussion), Harald Konietzko (bass, 12-string guitar, percussion, vocals), J├╝rgen Drogies (guitar, percussion), Hans-Werner Ranwig (organ, percussion, vocals)"-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
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