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"Repeat is This Heat’s fourth album proper, posthumously released in 1993. It harbours the most extreme musical side of This Heat’s experimental tendencies on disc, and is assuredly the band’s most radical offering. The title track is an oxymoron: An extended/edited version of the piece “24 Track Loop”, which had been previously issued on the Recommended Records’ double lp sampler in 1981, heard here sans the harmonizer effect. The original tracks were produced by David Cunningham (Flying Lizards) and Anthony Moore (Slapp Happy-Henry Cow).
“Metal” follows, and is essentially the late Gareth Williams leading the others in the band on a acoustic foray: “…recording metal sculptures, mostly – rejects from someone’s studio – some corrugated asbestos, and a lot of scrap metal”, as Charles Bullen recollects many years later. The result can only be likened to the works of master electro-acousticians Denis Dufour and Francoise Bayle; an approach as far removed from Rock music as can be, elucidating the cutting-edge nature of This Heat when not confined to the premises of compositional thought.
“Graphic Varispeed” is an alternate, 33 1/3 rpm version of the piece heard on “Health & Efficiency”. Originally released on 12” vinyl, the speed setting and track timing were not specified, leaving the listener in a quandary as to its intent, but ultimately (and altruistically) leaving the public to decide the fate of the piece. However, by issuing both versions on 2 separate albums, the enigma cleverly lives on."

In my opinion, this is a snoozer and does nothing to advance the reputation of this great, great band. For fans only.
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