This Winter Machine - The Man Who Never Was

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This is the first, and quite impressive, release by a UK outfit firmly in the modern prog-rock folk. You'll hear elements of Marillion, IQ, Big Big Train and more.
It's all extremely well down and fans of the modern prog genre will be really happy with this offering!

"This is a very good band, although the first album, but has been quite mature (although the band members are not young people). That voice is a bit like the lead singer of Rush, a high pitched (the band said they're greatly affected by rush), the lyrics also has some good music on the fragment, and indeed quite beautiful. It can be said that this is a very balanced band, first heard very sweet, listen to also won't feel tired. Panda brother that listen to those ambitious and experimental progressive rock, again this winter machine album is a kind of chastity, and return to the music of the heart recover the original simplicity of fun, not hypocritical, do not pretend to be profound, but very sincere, very pure."-progarchives
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