Thornton, Big Mama - Hound Dog: The Peacock Recordings (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Big Mama's thunderous smash version of the Lieber & Stoller title tune leads off this collection of her 1952-58 Peacock singles. Get down as she tears up I Smell a Rat; Yes, Baby; They Call Me Big Mama; Rock-A-Bye Baby , and more!"

"Big Mama has a big growlin' voice, I mean she could eat Big Maybelle for breakfast(though Maybelle is an equally versitile and great performer). Mama had a hit in Hound Dog way before Elvis, and she sings the heck out of it, making Presley's "hiccuped" version, pale in comparison. This CD is not really rock'n'roll, it is pure 1950's R&B, with honking saxes, it qualifies as jump blues, and you can even jitterbug, lindy hop or jive for dancing purposes. It might be considered pre-rock'n'roll, or she may have been influential, but Mama's no more a rock'n'roller then Ruth Brown or Dinah Washington. Though rockabilly people such as myself like her rough style(think of Ruth Brown or Etta James, without the sweetness), and you have Big Mama. The whole CD is worth repeated listenings, and it's good stuff to play while cruising East L.A. in your lowered 50's Chevy convertible."
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