Three Colours Dark - Love's Lost Property CD

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Rachel Cohen - vocals
Jonathan Edwards - grand piano, rhodes, wurlitzer & synths
Tim Hamill - electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar & drum programming
Steve Balsamo - vocals
Andrew 'Wal' Coughlan - double bass
Dave Gregory - electric guitar
Kate Ronconi - violin
Steve Simmons - tenor saxophone
Catherine Tanner-Williams - oboe

'Love's Lost Property' is the 2nd album from the duo of award winning singer/songwriter, Rachel Cohen (ex-Karnataka / The Reasoning) and Jonathan Edwards: founder, songwriter and keyboard player with Panic Room / Luna Rossa.
Love’s Lost Property, the second album from Three Colours Dark, builds beautifully on the creative foundations of the duo's debut.
Unafraid to investigate a range of musical territories, the album incorporates lush, cinematic soundscapes alongside seductive and emotional instrumental and vocal melody lines."

“Love’s Lost Property is the 2nd album from Three Colours Dark – the new project from ex-Karnataka/The Reasoning singer Rachel Cohen & Panic Room/Luna Rossa musician, Jonathan Edwards. Coming just 18 months after their debut (‘The Science Of Goodbye’) it’s a natural progression with more prog informed moments but still retaining the melodic strengths that have been so much a part of the duo’s songwriting to date.
If you were (and still are) a fan of early Karnataka, The Reasoning and Panic Room (like me) then you could see this new incarnation of honey voiced singer Rachel Cohen and renowned musician Jonathan Edwards as a natural progression. I’ll say one thing, the duo’s sound is nectar to my ears and this nine track album is as beautiful a creation as you will have heard so far this year.
‘Love’s Lost Property’ is an exquisite creation, nine tracks of wondrously charming music with Rachel’s honeyed vocals lifting this release well above what you may have heard already this year. I suggest you get your hands on it as soon as you can, it is definitely worth seeking out.”-progradar
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