Three Generations - Caligiuri – Tavolazzi – Capiozzo CD

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Leo Caligiuri – piano, Rhodes, Moog, flute
Ares Tavolazzi – double bass, fretless bass
Christian Capiozzo – drums, tabla, percussion

Somewhere between jazz and electric jazz, it doesn’t sound very much like Area at all, despite the lineage, but it certainly sounds very good!

“Born as a jazz group in 2017, after long years of experience with stable famous collaborations, stages and recording studios, the Three Generations Caligiuri-Tavolazzi-Capiozzo record their first work, titled with their own name.
The record represents 'a sort of personal journey that collects influences and legacies drawn from the international music scene, while at the same time trying to project itself into the future, while keeping an eye on the past'.
Sons of Area (and not just metaphorically speaking) from which they draw their lifeblood, highly experienced musicians and collaborations, from Guccini to Mario Biondi, Paolo Conte, Stefano di Battista and many others (see individual biographies) the three Generations Caligiuri-Tavolazzi -Capiozzo (the group takes its name from the ages of the three members) engrave, with their first work, 8 well-kept tracks in which Christian Capiozzo (son of Giulio Capiozzo, founder, together with Demetrio Stratos, of the legendary Area), Ares Tavolazzi (militant from 1974 to 1993 in the Area) and Leo Caligiuri (founder among other things of the group of the Altare Thotemico with the poet artist Gianni Venturi, catalog Maracash), have been able to marry, with a solid jazz base, ethnic music (origin especially Balkan), Jazz Prog, world music and classical melodies, all accompanied by sophisticated psychedelic interventions.
The result, after three abundant years of careful work, is enclosed here; a first album titled simply like this: Three Generations: Caligiuri-Tavolazzi-Capiozzo. 'We are living in a historical moment in which we need this type of contamination; the musicians in the 70s lived together and the result was balanced from the start. Now achieving the same goal has become more tiring, 'the members of the group declare. The work is designed to be enjoyed also by neophytes of the genre; the deliberate lack of dissonances (which leaves room for more classical melodies in a couple of pieces), contrasts and marries with pressing rhythms and never ostentatious technicalities, thanks to the careful arrangements of a mature Ares Tavolazzi...”
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