Thumpermonkey - Make Me Young, Etc.

Michael Woodman / Vocals, Guitar
Rael Jones / Guitar, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Orchestration
Sam Warren / Bass
Ben Wren / Drums
Sam Warren is, incidently, the current bassist in Guapo!

“London alt-rock quartet Thumpermonkey return with their breathtaking full-length...Make Me Young, Etc is a concept record that counts down to the end of existence.
In 2012, following the release of Thumpermonkey’s Sleep Furiously album, singer Michael Woodman received a random email from a fan called Max whom, feeling an affinity with Woodman, felt obligated to share with him his revelation of the end of the world. Woodman, initially wrote the email off as an artefact from an oddball, but in the following months he found himself beginning to think about Max’s message and the mysterious person behind it with increasing frequency. Woodman never attempted to reply to Max, and to this day, Max has never contacted Woodman again.
Make Me Young, Etc arks a clear evolution for Thumpermonkey. Guitarist and pianist Rael Jones’s day job as a screen composer infiltrates and inflates the music into an epic cinemascope fever-dream – a backdrop to Woodman’s unique stream of consciousness vocal style, perfectly suspended in a score to a film that doesn’t exist.
Make Me Young, Etc exists in homage to the unknown Max, and poses the question; if you knew tomorrow was the end of the world, would you be able to let go of all your regrets, and live differently for just one day?”

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