Thumpermonkey - Sleep Furiously

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I had been hearing about this band for some time and now their album is out on Kavus Torabi's label. This is a surprising and quite great album of 'funny rock music' (Kavus' quote). Honestly, this album requires and deserves more listenings than I have been able to give it so far to really give it its fair due, but others others have been paying attention too...

“…their often bewildering mastery of everything – King Crimson like angularity and dissonance, the blissful pop dynamics of the Cardiacs, and the esoteric post-hardcore audacity of Shudder to Think – amount to a sustained victory for intuitive cross-pollination…most importantly, Thumpermonkey’s music is ridiculously exciting; the blazing light of punk rock filtered skilfully through the cerebral prog prism…”-PROG MAGAZINE

“…not one of your indie-smindy post hardcore bands claiming to be progressive because they borrowed one of the easier At The Drive-In riffs, or yet another noodling post-rock copy of the Explosions in Your Emperor thing. No! This is the full on weird wired bombastic Rael in his Lighthouse in the court of crimson u-boat real big Gentle Giant, Isis deal…”-ORGAN MAGAZINE
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