Tigon - Infinite Teeth

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"San Francisco, California's Tigon unleash a colossal set of splendid post-hardcore noise rock on their debut full length, Infinite Teeth. Driving, dynamic, and dissonant, this music is intelligent and challenging, bristling with swagger. Opting for creativity in favor of genre commonalities and clich�s, Infinite Teethfinds Tigon far ahead of the 'post metal' herd, treading new ground.

Infinite Teeth kicks off with 'The Archivist,' erupting from four repeating notes into an enormous wall of sound, resplendent with mighty triplet drum fills, an enormous bass tone, off-kilter time changes and some brilliant modulations. The stagger-stepped introduction of 'Whalemaker' gives way to a confrontational, staccato hook, featuring barked vocals and serpentine guitar lines. This music is heavy, but there's a bounty to latch onto- 'The Great Machine' is a cathartic jam that dances between 5/4 and 4/4, eventually peaking with a washy, droning exposition of two enormous chords. Engineer Scott Evans offers up a dry, muscular recording, allowing the tight performances to shine through.

No strangers to the road, and strong advocates of the DIY ethic, handling their own tour booking and releasing much of their material through guitarist Brian Dooley's imprint, The Ghost is Clear Records. Their releases thus far include a handful of EPs, a cassette, and a pair of split 7" and 12" EPs.

These musicians have a broad range of endeavors outside of Tigon, including the crushing Kowloon Walled City, post-rockers Ventid, and the bass-heavy Versions. Tigon somehow manage to conjugate these disparate influences into something distinct, artfully constructing a satisfying new music that is brimming with contrasts and confrontation"
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