Tillison, Andy / Multiplex - Electric Sinfonia No. 2

This is a stupidly good, one man band release by the leader of The Tangent.

Despite the band in a box origins (Andy makes all the sounds you hear, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, reeds, etc) all from his keyboard, but in a very convincing and band-sounding way.

This is an all instrumental work where Andy has hung out his Canterbury/Zappa/jazz-rock freak flag; think of a 3-way collision between National Health/Inca Roads/Return To Forever, and you got a good idea of what this is all about. It's a really nice and strong release. Recommended!

“This is a very Jazz-Rock flavoured album” says Andy, “and shows my love for artists such as Chick Corea, Return to Forever, Brand X quite openly – all structured in a manner similar to Tangent music, but this time it's about the playing...there's only one tiny bit of vocal on the whole album. Ha ha! This will please a lot of people!”

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