Tippetts, Julie / Martin Archer - Serpentine

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Julie Tippetts is - of course - Julie Tippetts and Martin Archer is a saxophonist and electronics man who has worked with a huge variety of artists from Hornweb to Mick Beck to Combat Astronomy to Radio Massacre International (whose guitarist appears here).

Julie Tippetts - voice, chimes, amplified doll's house
Martin Archer - electronics, keyboards, woodwind
Pete Fairclough - drums, percussion, washboard
Gary Houghton - lead, rhythm and glissando guitars
Miya - flute
Rosie Brown - co-lead and backing vocals
Peter Sells - bass guitar
Chris Bywater - remake / remodel
Julie Archer - handclaps
Pete Whitfield, Alex Stemp, Paulette Bayley, Nick Trygstad, Simon Turner - strings

"Third release finds the duo exploring more melodic and regular songforms than found on their previous releases."

"The third album from the collaboration between singer / lyricist Julie Tippetts and multi-instrumentalist Martin Archer. Serpentine is a single album with a strong narrative arc (a double theme on animals and deceit), with more strongly rhythm-based music - in other words, a song cycle - experimental songs informed by free improvisation and sound research, but songs still, more so than on the previous two albums. This makes Serpentine the duo's most accessible record, and possibly their most accomplished too. In any case, it makes for a highly enjoyable listen, and I strongly recommend you seek it out - Francois Couture, Monsieur Delire
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