Tonal Eclipse - The Green Velvet Highway (band-released CDR)

Jim Ulreich (guitar); Kevin StClair (drums); Kevin Gerety (electric upright bass).

Fine ECM-style jazz trio (guitar, bass and drums) from CT. who have been working in the local area for years but who never made an album until now. This is a simple but very high quality artist-released recording. "After collaborating for decades, this trio has finally sat down and recorded their first album of original material. The compositions and performances harkens back to the early days of ECM, where the musicians received much of their early influences. The compositions have many flavors, from Indian scales to David Lynch films, all seasoned with plenty of improvisation. Lush chords and haunting melodies abound, supported by sliding bass notes and tasty drum and cymbal work."

You can hear their music here

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