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Legit reissue with original gimmix cover reproduced!

“This is an official reissue under courtesy of Cherry Red Records of this legendary album, originally released in spring 1969 as Coliseum DS 51004 in the US and as DERAM Sml 1043 in the UK. The incredible track 'Down At Circe's Place' was chosen as the opening track on the Top 30 charting sampler 'Wowie Zowie - The World Of Progressive Music' later that year.
Some critics will bring up the album's historical meaning, being the first U.S. progressive rock album. Even by "Zappa" standards. Instrumentation was mostly bass, drums, guitar and organ (and fine vocals) that would see the first serious creative use of effects we take standard for today; the beginnings of a whole new way of recording and of using the studio as a creative tool as well as taking keyboards, especially organs, and creating a new wall of sound. Released a full year before King Cimson's first album, this seems to be the original blueprint for many symphonic prog records to come. Sure, there were the Mothers, Velvets, Pink Floyd and other amazing bands preceding them, but none sounded anything like Touch. Imagine a blend of Vanilla Fudge, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and The Nice. It's like a missing link between psychedelic rock and progressive rock, and it's in a class by itself. The playing is good, and the arrangement by keyboarder Gallucci outstanding: it is evident that innovative studio techniques were being used to produce new sonic effects. With the examples of the two tracks 'Alesha & Others' and 'Seventy-Five' - particularly when run in sequence for a 13 minute plus prog gem - these have many forms of arrangement heard later in British prog releases. Listening to 'Friendly Birds' you will hear the origins of Yes and Genesis.
The album comes as a reproduction of the original gimmick cover including the big poster with a 4-sided insert sheet with bandstory and photos. Remastered from the mastertapes. A HIGHLIGHT!”
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