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"In July 1971, Telegraph Avenue's debut album appeared on the market in Peru, and became the best selling rock record of the year. The time was right for Latin rock with psychedelic touches (a fact evident all over the Americas), and Telegraph Avenue...

Traffic Sound - Virgin CD

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"Repsychled Records has had the wonderful idea to make updated versions of some of their best-loved reissues. The first release in this new series will be Traffic Sound's Virgin. In January 1970, Traffic Sound's second album, Virgin appeared on the market. It was the first Peruvian rock album with 100% original tunes. The album contains the hit single 'Meshkalina,' a fusion of Latin rhythms, power rock and hippie lyrics; it also includes beautiful acoustic tracks: 'Virgin,' 'Simple' and 'Last Song,' and progressive rock tracks like 'Yellow Sea Days' and 'Jews Caboose.' The uniqueness of Traffic Sound made them very special -- although influenced by bands like the Animals, Iron Butterfly, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Pink Floyd, they added their own original touches and created something new. Tired of gossip and hearsay? You can read a real biography of Traffic Sound, told by the band members! This re-packaged reissue -- now in jewel box -- includes a 16-page booklet with lyrics, band biography and unseen photos that didn't appear in the previously issued 'Deluxe Version' (repsychled cd 1004); it was created using the original master tapes, and was remastered very carefully with tube amplifiers. Support this licensed issue: it has great unseen photos and sound remastered from the original mastered tapes, all at a very economic price!"
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