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Tratak is the latest group headed by the quite great Fabio Mentz; search this catalog for other releases we stock by him and you can see me waxing quite rhapsodically about him. This one is a bit more solidly 'jazz' than some of his others, but it still has that unique vibe happening that is much more than 'jazz'.

"Tratak is the new quartet with Fabio Mentz (basson, piano, harmonium, voice), Guenther Andreas (cravina, an instrument developed by himself, inspired on Chapman stick), Jorge Matte (drums) and Vasco Piva (alto saxophone).
They are from the extreme south of Brazil, and bring in their music aspects of experimental jazz, improvisation as well as elements of Brazilian folk music, African, Latin and Eastern music. They also mix a bit of polyrhythmic, minimalist, Indian music and, of course, cravina will bring a touch of King Crimson! This is their 1st and only CD from 2015. Not to be missed"-Dr. Rocks

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  • LabelLaboratorio Acustico
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