Treacle People - Treacle People

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"Krautrock from 2005 -- on their analog-recorded debut album the quintet Treacle People very impressively and with lots of love to the detail revive the spirit, the musicianship and the passion of their British/German idols from the early '70s. The eight partly epic original compositions have been recorded in two sessions 'live' in studio and reflect many-faceted, progressive, psychedelic and classical hard rock. Their wide musical spectrum presents... expressive, emotional and striking vocals ('Cruelest Secret' - 'Zero Gravity')... atmospheric but also aggressive guitar solos ('Neptune's Kiss' - 'Anschlag I')... a pulsating, excessive-rocking Hammond-organ ('Anschlag I' - 'Last Song'), warm and dynamic Hammond/piano melodies ('Cruelest Secret' - 'Moonchild')... driven by a powerful-grooving bass and soulful to hypnotic drums."
  • LabelWorld in Sound
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