Trettioariga Kriget - I Borjan och Slutet

Founded in 1970, Trettioriga Kriget (30 Years War) were an excellent progressive/hard rock band from Sweden released a number of really good albums in the 70s and finally ran out of gas in the late 1970s, A couple of years ago, they released a very good reunion album that reunited all the original members with the addition of a keyboardist (a big plus for them, in my opinion). Since that time, they've stayed together and this album is their second since their original formation and, again, it's a really suprisingly great work. They still have that great progressive hard rock sound, but there's more of a 'progressive' influence than on their 1970s albums. As I said about Elden Av Ar, this is a very strong effort; for me, they are better now then they were when they were at their height of popularity, and the fact that they could be away for 20 years and just pick up the pieces with an album as strong as this one is really impressive. Nice digipack package as well.
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I knew nothing about this band, but when I saw that they were to perform at Nearfest, I decided to investigate. Their myspace site has some great tracks on it, mostly new stuff. Based on the quality of those I bought this disc. This is a very good, mature rock record with an emphasis on composition, melody, riffs and atmosphere. While I could see a lot of prog fans liking this, I don't really hear much prog here at all. The closest thing I can compare this to is Chris Rea's music circa "The Road to Hell" and "Auberge". Here the Mellotron substitutes for the Hammond + horns, so there is more melancholy and less soul, but otherwise very similar in feel. The guitarist has the same Duane Eddy fixation and the vocalist has similar tone. I played this Cd in shuffle mode with those two Chris Rea discs, and other than the language, you really feel like you are listening to the same record. Very enjoyable, but caveat emptor if you are expecting another Kaipa or something like that...
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First of all, about the Wayside review, I'd like to point out that Mats, the keyboardist, has been with Kriget since the 1978 album "Hej På Er!". Here's a review I wrote and posted in several places, including : I Början Och Slutet is the eighth studio album released by the influential Swedish band Trettioåriga Kriget (Thirty Years War). It's different from the others, but from the first to the last minute the group's unique identity can be heard: music usually simple but not banal, the musicians are very talented but not exibicionist, and a constantly powerful sound without the need to go the bombastic way. The songs have the strong presence of bass and guitar riffs, and the keyboard is used normally only for harmonies, not melodies. The singer's timbre is quite peculiar and, in the case of this band with almost 40 years of history, it has aged well: the voice is still the same, only a little lower-pitched. We start with a signature track, showing all these qualities except for the voice. The music goes on a continuous crescendo, leading directly to the first song. In this album the tracks keep a certain relation between themselves, the sound is usually continuous, with no breaks between the songs. The album title means "In the beginning and the end"; it has a vague concept, some of the songs tell about the story of a poet/musician, with titles like Childhood (Barndom) and Youth (Ungdom). These tracks are in the first half; in the second half, the character is a grown up and some of the lyrics may have been written on the road, with references to Mexico (Desert - Öknen) and Berlin (S-bahn). While the album has a constant sound, the music is always in movement, with lots of variety. There are three instrumental tracks: I Krigets Tid parts I and II, sharing a common theme, opening and closing the album; and Ungdom II, which is a continuation of the previous track, Ungdom. The band also shows some new sounds, particularly from the keyboard. The package is a luxurious digipack covered with band's artist Johan Gullberg, keeping the same quality shown in the last few releases. It includes a 20 page booklet with band photos, the original lyrics and - for the first time - their English translations, a very welcome addition. The Kriget vocals always have a good dose of emotion, so it was easy to forget about the lyrics and concentrate on the quality of the music. However, with the translation, one can finally fully appreciate all the aspects of Kriget's music. In the previous 2004 brilliant reunion album Elden Av År, Trettioåriga Kriget showed the same strength they had in the '70s, putting other reunion albums to shame. It was as if the band had never disbanded in 1981. In this new album we can confirm the previous one's quality wasn't just the adrenaline of the reunited group: I Början Och Slutet shows a vibrant band, in continuous evolution. It's a solid work, with not a single bad moment. It's 54 minutes and 12 tracks are gone before you know it, and you'll want to reach for the play button and listen to it all over again.
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