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On their third, Atlantide (1972), there is a shift in personnel, as their guitarist and drummer left. Original members Joe Vescovi (keyboards & vocals) and Arvid Wegg Andersen (bass & vocals) remain. The guitarist is not replaced, but the new drummer is Furio Chirico, soon to amaze the world with Arti E Mestieri!
So, they became a keyboard/bass/drums trio and were obviously now influenced by ELP. This album and their 4th and last one soon after, reflect that sound.
In 2010 the reunion of the 1972-73 three-piece line-up was confirmed, and Joe Vescovi, Arvid Wegg Andersen and Furio Chirico played in November at the Prog Exhibition in Rome and then played a festival in Japan in 2011.
This deluxe reissue includes the original album as well as the live recording from their Japanese festival appearance!

"Atlantide was a fine album absorbing more jazz/rock influences, particularly with the increased use of changing time signatures. The Trip took great care in production details, often using Leslie cabinets and flanging effects on organ, bass and piano (in order to achieve the sound that they desired)"-Scented Gardens Of The Mind
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