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Limited, numbered edition of 600, in a gatefold sleeve!

"...[then] The Trip released their masterpiece, Caronte in 1971. The powerful interplay between Billy Gray (guitar) and Joe Vescovi (keyboards) is excellent throughout the album. If the 'dream collaboration' between Jimi Hendrix and Keith Emerson had ever happened, it would have sounded close to this!"-Scented Gardens Of The Mind

"The Trip were but one of many Italian bands combining rock, classical, jazz, pop, and folk to produce what is now known as the Italian rock renaissance. While most of their fellow countrymen were in their own sealed world, trying to outdo each other in the creative sweepstakes, The Trip were more impressionable, mostly by influences outside of Italy. Perhaps this is due to having full time English members? All four of their albums are completely different and bear the stamp of another international group or movement. The Trip were also one of the few Italian bands to utilize English vocals, and are therefore considered more collectable by the typical xenophobic psychedelic fan."-Tom Hayes/Gnosis
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