Tritonus - Far In The Sky: Live At Stagge's Hotel 1977

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"Tritonus was an early project initiated by Peter K. Seiler, a German art-student who continues to make music today and is a well-regarded new-age/ambient/classical composer and performer. Seiler's intent was to create a 'classical rock' band in the tradition of EMERSON, LAKE, and PALMER, complete with heavy keyboards and Lake-inspired English vocals.

The band toured extensively from 1973 to 1978, but Seilers by then had focused his attentions on television and radio commercials and other projects, finding financial success with his theme song for the television series "Atlantis May Not Perish" as well as a widely used jingle for the Ferrero Chocolate Company, among others. He also collaborated on several efforts with electronica wiz Michael Bundt, and launched a series of multimedia live solo shows. As for the band, TRITONUS folded in 1979.

In April 1977 TRITONUS gave an concert at WDR studio with classical choir and large pipe organ, the concert was recorded and broadcasted as part of the popular radio series "Nachtmusik im WDR". At that time the band consisted of mastermind Peter Seiler and Rolf D. Schnapka (bass, vocals) and Arthur Weiss (drums). These three guys then also played the gig at Stagge's Hotel in Osterholz-Scharmbeck on 14.10.1977."
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