Trower, Robin - No More Worlds To Conquer CD

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“The iconic Robin Trower returns with No More Worlds To Conquer. For more than six decades, Robin Trower's career has known no bounds. At the age of 76, the British guitarist can reflect on a journey in which he has planted flags across the musical sphere and played every role imaginable. Few would dispute that the title of Trower's latest album is a fair summary of the thumbprint he has left on the musical universe. But as he reminds us, it should not be misinterpreted as his mission being accomplished.
"I definitely feel like I'm still reaching," he considers, "with the guitar, and the songs, and everything else. With every album, the music is the best I can do at that time. I think that's what it's about. This album is an evolution," he adds. "I believe this album is one of the best things I've ever done.’"
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This is proof positive that , musically, Robin sold his soul to the "Horned One"! I mean how many guitarists that were 1960's guitar heroes are still able to make albums that sound like their classic period? If this doesn't make you think of Twice Removed ... or Bridge of Sighs, then you've got hearing loss. Fabulous album!
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I bought this one in a local store....BUT I can tell you that Robin is still making albums as good as Twice Removed From Yesterday and the old classics....after many decades! Buy this and celebrate his tasteful playing over all these years. He goes on long past others who slipped up years back, this is really a good one.
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