Trower, Robin/Jack Bruce - Seven Moons Live DVD

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Not long ago, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Trower and Bruce had reunited to make a really great new album, Seven Moons. I saw Trower shortly after the album came out with his regular touring band and it was a really terrific show, but I do remember wishing I had seen Jack too. Well, they didn't do a real 'tour' together, but they did play a small number of shows in Europe and this splendid DVD was shot in the Netherlands on 2/28/09. Just like the album they were touring on, it features both of them in great form - Jack sounds totally great vocally and on bass, Robin sounds like Robin (meaning that he still has that great Jimi Hendrix-y sound and he's still a king of the wah-wah pedal) and I thinki that Robin's work compares to his very best work ever. So, two co-leaders who started in the 60s, and never really lost their sound or their greatness and who do they have as their third key member? Why the great Gary Husband (drummer for Allan Holdsworth, Ray Russell, John McLaughlin and many others). No real surprises, but totally on-form work from these rock music legends. They play nearly the entire Seven Moons album, as well as a bunch of Cream tunes. They look like (because they *are*) old men (especially Jack), but they play like real monsters here. If you think this is something you will like, you will love this.
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