Turtle Records: Pioneering British Jazz 1970-1971 : 3 x CD box set + 56 page booklet

disc 1
Mike Osborne
disc 2
Howard Riley
disc 3
John Taylor
Pause, And Think Again

This is three FABULOUS albums from the golden era of UK jazz, released from the masters officially for the first time and with a huge booklet, filled with tons of info and interviews with the musicians and Peter Eden.

"Between 1968-72 Peter Eden produced 20 albums across the broad church of progressive British jazz. It was a unique golden era for jazz-based musicians in Britain with something to say that was, for the first time, distinctly ‘British’ or ‘European’.

Three were released on his own label, Turtle Records, in 1970-71, all now regarded as classics.

As well as being highly collectable, the original vinyl today valued together in the region of £800.

These are reissued here officially for the first time, remastered from the original tapes.

The ‘family’ of emerging musicians Peter and his main players had connected with up to that point all made significant contributions to these LPs. Following this period all went on to have their own illustrious careers.

A 56 page perfect bound mini-book by John McLaughlin biographer Colin Harper including fresh interviews with many of the musicians involved, offers a unique and remarkable snapshot – in words and music – of a fleeting but glorious moment for British jazz. It further details the build-up of the scene in Britain during the late 1960’s, and highlights the connections and links between the musicians involved, and their crossover to other contemporary music scenes providing insightful context. The mini-book also contains many rare images and photos."
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