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"Yet only another six month wait for a new Tusmørke release, right on the heels of the children's prog album Bydyra and is the logical followup to Hinsides as it's back to an adult approach. Children's chorus gone, so are the badger, squirrel and crow costumes back to their usual robes. The lineup is the same as usual, Benediktator (Benedikt Momrak), brother Krizla (Kristoffer Momrak), the Phenomenon Marxo Solinas (Lars Frederik Frøislie) and HlewagastiR (Martin Nordrum Kneppen). Håkon Oftung (Dauinghorn av Jordsjø, Jordsjø a wonderful prog rock band headed by him) was not part of this so it's back a guitarless format. What sounds like a guitar is a heavily fuzzed Hammond organ from Lars or heavily fuzzed bass from Benedikt. Anyways, Fjernsyn I Farver (Color Television) was released on Karisma as was Bydyra, and it's such a drastic departure from Bydyra, but not that drastic from their usual stuff. This is perhaps their most aggressive album, almost like a polar opposite of the partially lightweight Hinsides with only "Borgerlig Tussmørke" the only ballad on the album, and it really has a more symphonic prog feel to it, rather than the lullaby feel of Hinsides. The title track is a wonderful opener, with aggressive fuzzed organ but I really love how it goes into a beautiful flute passage. "Kniven I Kurven" had that wonderful Nordic feel but keeps up with that harder edged approach of this album. "3001" and "Death Czar" almost borders on hard rock, while "Tøyens Hemmelighet" goes off with a bang, more in tune with the first couple of pieces although I wonder what was up with that disco hi hat Martin uses here (he did something similar on Ført Bak Lyset). Martin must at least like some disco to include a little disco beats in a Tusmørke album but do it in a way not to offend progheads.
To me I really think this is their finest album since Underjordisk Tusmørke, if not their finest. Sure the vocals of Benediktator may not be too everyone's liking and I'm sure it's his vocals the major indicator if you'll enjoy Tusmørke or not. Regardless so happy to own this album, although the inner gatefold of the LP is in bad taste. Still the music blew me away and with getting." - ProgArchives
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