Twelfth Night - Fact And Fiction: The Definitive Edition (expanded) 3 x CDs

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“A band blessed with an abundance of ideas and spectacular musicianship, Fact And Fiction should have been the album that catapulted Twelfth Night to greatness… it is chock-full of exciting, stimulating and emotive material… there’s an aggression and sense of purpose that sets Twelfth Night apart from most of their predecessors.”-PROG Magazine – the Albums That Saved Prog.

I discovered Twelfth Night - one of the earliest of the neo prog bands, when I bought their 1st album "Live At The Target" when it first came out on vinyl in the very early 1980s. I was told that there was a new progressive rock band and I remember thinking, "really? in 1982?". And then I got it and it really was a new progressive rock band playing progressive rock!
This was their 1st studio album, which was recorded one year later, and their 1st vocal album, as Geoff Mann joined in time for this. It's still one of the best neo-prog albums of the original 80s bunch, with a unique intensity, and holds up really well.

“This is the brand new 2022 “40th Anniversary” version of Twelfth Night’s classic studio album, released on CD on their own label for the first time.
Universally regarded as one of the most important progressive rock albums of the 1980s, and described as one of the “Albums That Saved Prog” in PROG magazine. This 3CD Definitive Edition features as Disc One the original studio recordings from 1982, while Disc Two comprises a mix of rare live and studio versions. Disc Three features cover versions and interpretations bringing out the true strength of the original songs. There are 39 tracks In total and over 3 hours of the finest progressive rock!
The release is accompanied by a lovingly crafted, 24-page booklet, with previously unseen photos, scans of Geoff’s handwritten lyrics and sketches, memorabilia, and extensively detailed sleevenotes. The cover artwork has been updated for this new 2022 version.”
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