Twelfth Night - Live at the Target: The Definitive Edition (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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I remember when I bought this when it first came out on vinyl in the very early 1980s. I was told that there was a new progressive rock band and I remember thinking, "really? in 1982?". And then I got it and it really was a new progressive rock band playing progressive rock! While Twelfth Night are definitely thought of as a neo-prog band and did later become part of that scene, if you think of neo-prog as a more vocally oriented/shorter-song oriented/more 'poppy' variant on progressive rock, then this is not a neo-prog album. It is a genuine, late appearing, instrumental progressive rock album obviously greatly influenced by Yes (Geoff Mann joined them in time for their 1st studio album) and this consisted of four long tracks. Here it is with an entire second disc of rare and/or unreleased material recorded between 1979-81. For 1981, this was state of the art symphonic/progressive rock.
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