Twenty Sixty Six And Then - Reflections On The Future (expanded) 2 x CDs

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"In May 1972 Twenty Sixty Six And Then met first time and decided to found a band. Day and night they rehearsed and filed on their sound in their residence in Mannheim.
A journalist at that time wrote, "Dominating in their music is a dynamic, which is regulatory in the developing harmonies in the complex structured arrangements. When the musicians sometimes get lost in old hard rock stereotypes they kept enough distance to the sounds, to prove their intents with detailed inserted alienation."
In a short way: the rediscovery of a Krautrock origin from the "Mannheim"-rock scene in the early 70s.
Twenty Sixty Six And Then were the singer Geff Harrison (the only member from the UK), Veit Marvos on organ, Steve Robinson played the second organ, Gagey Mrozeck guitar, Dieter Bauer on bass and Konstantin Heinrich Bommarius on drums.
This legit CD issue contains the bonus tracks, originally released on the rare and strictly limited double-vinyl-edition re-released in 2002."
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