Uakti - Planetario

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"Uakti are a quartet formed in 1978 by Marco Antônio Guimarães (musical director and main composer), Paulo Sérgio dos Santos, Artur Andrés Ribeiro, and Décio de Souza Ramos; the musicians have classical backgrounds and play with the Minas Gerais Symphonic Orchestra. Uakti is devoted to extracting an extremely musical result from instruments made from PVC tubes, wood, glass, tin cans, and the like."-All Music Guide

This fairly extraordinary group had releases on major US labels and I actually saw them in a theater in Reston, VA in the early 80s (you'd have to be from here to understand how really unlikely that is!). This is their final album, as after 35 years, they've called it a day. It isn't their absolutely best work, but it's a good work and it's the end.

"Uakti was a Brazilian and were famous for doing music with their weird homemade instruments, using plastic tubes, glass, strings and all assortments of materials. In 2015 they announced their end, but before that recorded Planetário, where two of the original members play with a string orchestra. They cover new and classic material and the string orchestra adds nice atmospheres and dynamics to their already original music."-Dr. Rocks
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