Ubi Maior - Nostos (mini lp sleeve)

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Surprisingly good debut release by a new Italian progressive rock band who seemed to have missed out on the over-hype of every other prog band from Italy, but who are probably the best of the bunch! Standard quintet lineup: vocals, piano/Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. There is a nice introduction by keyboardist Baffo Banfi, the keyboardist of Biglietto per l'Inferno and the hype sheet compares them heavily to Biglietto and also to PFM; I'm not sure I disagree with that, but I also hear a lot of the US band Discipline in the band sound and especially in the guitarwork. Anyway, as I said, a really good debut

. "The classic old italian progressive rock is back with this great CD. The influences from Biglietto per l'Inferno and PFM are melted with original stuff composed by the band. Sometimes obscure, someother melodic and poetic. "Nostos" is a great CD which bounds together past and present. The italian singing is strong and very original. The long suite that gives the title to the CD is a great example of the abilities of the band. The CD also features a beautiful cover of the Balletto di Bronzo "La tua casa comoda". "Nostos" is issued in the usual gorgeus papersleeve mini-LP cover with a great artwork."
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