Ulmer, James - Tales of Captain Black

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This album is a monster classic of avant/punk/out/jazz/harmolidics. It features an amazing band of Blood (guitar), Ornette Coleman (alto), Jamaaladeen Tacuma (elec. bass) and Denardo Coleman (drums). It's in print but only in Japan and is EXTREMELY hard to find, but we got 'em! Highly recommended!

"...Blood introduces the anarchy he's interested in, allowing fragmentary ideas to assert themselves as the sole reason to engage in group improvisation. Tacuma and Denardo are more than up to the challenge. Tacuma trades single lines with Blood's triple-timed fours and chords, creating a kind of melodic invention on the fly. Denardo treats the tune as if it were a march in hyperspeed. Only Coleman dares to play his loping, easy, graceful pace, blues -- wailing it above the chaos. It's beautiful. Safe to say, there are no weak tracks on Tales From Captain Black, and even the redo of "Revealing" from Ulmer's previous album show an unbridled excitement and an extrapolation of that tune's rhythmic and harmonic elements into something more sinister, more driven, more angular, more mercurial. Captain Black marks the real beginning of Ulmer's career as a leader. It has been a bumpy, restless ride since that time with many creative and professional ups and downs, but it hardly matters. Records like this one make him the most visionary and brilliant electric guitarist in a generation."-Thom Jurek/All Music Guide

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