Unit Wail - Égarés

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One of the best currently active Zeuhl bands that I can think of – they really do get better with each album!

“UNIT WAIL’s 4th album (“Egarés” which means ‘stray’ or ‘lost’) is now finally available. Recorded in 2018/2019, the line-up hasn’t changed since their previous album (“Beyond space edges”) although this time ex-ART ZOYD trumpet player Jean-Pierre Soarez is featured on several tracks.
Again, Frank Fromy (ex-Shub Niggurath) plays guitar on 2 tracks. The studio production is excellent (we initially intended to press a Blu-Ray Audio, the idea being later dropped because of the way too high costs involved).
The music is in the same vein as their previous recordings, this time more climatic (the presence of a trumpet and JP Soarez’s very personal sound, adds different perspective & depth). As before, this is an all-instrumental album; probably their best offering so far - a band that gets better with every album.”

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