Unit Wail - Beyond Space Edges

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"The 3rd album of this great band whose guitar player is Frank Fromy (Shub Niggurath 1st period). This new recording shows the band in superb form, dropping over Gotham their dark, heavy & intense Crimsonian post-atomic music. Fantastic playing from all, with a special mention to the rhythm section (massive fretless bass!). A fabulous album, their best and most mature so far - a fantastic band is emerging with this CD!"
This is the third (and best, imo) release by Unit Wail, the group which brought forth the long awaited return to music of Franck Fromy, who was the founder and leader of the rightly legendary, dark French zeuhl band Shub Niggurath. The sound here is heavy and dark, but also modern, with laptop/sampling technology playing a strong part; the sound is closer to modern, 00s heavy Zeuhl bands like Combat Astronomy and Ga'an.
The line-up is Vincent Sicot-Vantalon (keyboards & guitar), Philippe Haxaire (drums), Adrian Luna (bass), Emmanuel Pothier (synths) & Franck Fromy (guitar).

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