Univers Zero - Uzed

Univers Zero play fascinating, modern, chamber music-influenced rock. Simultaneously gothic & futuristic, they are somewhat like the very best of Magma or Crimson, but infinitely darker, with helpings of Eastern European folk melodies added. This band and these discs are completely deserving of the mystique & legendary status that have grown up around them. Incomparable! From 1984, this is more overtly electric, & uses reeds, strings, keyboards, bass, & drums. ''...a must for lovers of adventurous music''-Keyboard. ''A remarkably subtle weaving of rock, classical, & avant garde tactics...''-Alternative Press. ''If Stravinsky had a rock band, it would sound like this. Blazing, white hot, medieval''-Advocate Newspapers. ''The fall of Rome? The parting of the Red Sea? What else can compare with the monumental occurence of a new slab of Univers Zero?''-Mike Ezzo/Expos #18. ''Univers Zero's vision (is) pretty much unique & for those touched by it, nothing else will quite do...a sound that really couldn't be any other band in the world.''-The Rough Guide To Rock. ''Daring & delightful...their music has mystery and power...''-Focus.
  • LabelCuneiform
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