Univers Zero - Crawling Wind (expanded / remastered)

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A founding member of the original Rock In Opposition [R.I.O.] movement, and considered to be one of the greatest avant-garde bands of the 70s & 80s Belgium's Univers Zero were originally founded in 1974. Originally released as a limited edition, Japanese-only 12'' EP, Crawling Wind has long been the unavailable crown jewel of the band's oeuvre. Now available for the first time on CD, it has been remastered and expanded, with the addition of rare and never before released studio and live material, to a full length album. It additionally includes a short history of the group written by noted writer Dean Suzuki, a long time fan of the band. Univers Zero's distinctive sound is a combination of their unique instrumentation (piano and keyboards, violin, clarinets, oboe/bassoon, bass, and drums) blended with Gothic imagery and an intensely strong, classically influenced writing style. In the hands of some of the best musicians of Europe, these factors lead to a group on the cutting edge of creating a new, vital and different approach to rock music.
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