Univers Zero - Uzed CD

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"...a must for lovers of adventurous music" – Keyboard

"A remarkably subtle weaving of rock, classical, & avant garde tactics..." – Alternative Press

"If Stravinsky had a rock band, it would sound like this. Blazing, white hot, medieval" – Advocate Newspapers

"Univers Zero's vision (is) pretty much unique & for those touched by it, nothing else will quite do...a sound that really couldn't be any other band in the world." – The Rough Guide To Rock

Univers Zero play fascinating, modern, chamber music-influenced rock. Simultaneously gothic & futuristic, they are somewhat like the very best of Magma or Crimson, but infinitely darker, with helpings of Eastern European folk melodies added.
This band are completely deserving of the mystique & legendary status that have grown up around them. Incomparable!
UZED was their fourth full length, from 1984, and begins their transition towards a more overtly electric sound, which culminated in their next album, which was also their last 80s release.
The instrumentation here is piano/keyboards, clarinet/bass clarinet, cello, bass and drums and includes a couple of their best-known and loved pieces!
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