Universo - Atema Ndanaxeo CD

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“L'UNIVERSO is a collective of musicians that revolves around the bass player Adriano Barbiero. We are in the Venetian hinterland, which boasts a thriving musical scene in the 90s (Spirofera, Estasia, Nema Niko, Miraspinosa, Antinomia, Bondage, Ledel, etc.) from which L'Universo drew, now musically projected into a cosmic-ritual timeless dimension.
"Atema Ndanaxeo" is proghedelic alchemy in a single suite with the attitude and spirit of cosmic kraut-rock ("at the gates of the cosmos that is up there in Germany", quoting Finardi), kaleidoscope with four drums, bass, electric guitars and acoustics, keyboards, synths, theremin, flute, sax, percussions, vocalization and reading. Tribal rhythmic incursions and hallucinated stratifications, psychedelia, space-rock, free-jazz settings, therefore visionary, poetic, boundless expressive freedom.”
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